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H2O SteamFX Pro - Premium Pack

The Premium Pack includes everything for all your cleaning needs including a microfibre Garment Cloth, a Window Cleaner Cloth, 4 Microfibre Mop Head Cloths, 3 Coral Mop Head Cloths, 3 Round Brushes.
H2O SteamFX Pro - Super Clean Pack

The Super Clean Kit comes with all the replacement cloths you could need and the scrubbing pad for tough jobs like your BBQ.

H2O SteamFX Pro - Deluxe Accessory Kit

Comes with the extension hose for extra reach and versatility, the grout brush, the scrubbing pad and the scraper. Plus a Garment Cloth, Window Cleaner Cloth and a Microfibre Cloth.

H2O Scents™ - Triple Pack

Buy the full collection of H2O™ Steam Scents for your choice of refreshing scents around your home

H2O Scents™ - Alpine Sensations® - 3 Pack

Nothing beats the fresh, crisp feeling of fresh Alpine air. Now you can fill your home and fabrics with the fragrance of nature
H2O Scents™ - Oriental Blossom™ - 3 Pack
Fill your home with a summer bouquet. Herbs and blossoms fragrance the air and with the natural deep cleaning power of steam
H2O Scents™ - Tropical Zest® - 3 Pack

Lemons, limes and the power of natural steam combine to uplift and refresh for the ultimate in fragrance freshness

H2O® - Descaler - 3 Pack

Over time, hard water and limescale can affect the performance of your steam cleaner. This powerful descaler leaves your steam cleaner fresher and working